The Joshua Hayday Helping Hand Trust (“JHHHT”) has been set up in memory of Joshua Hayday in order to help support families with children with life-limiting conditions. Caring for Joshua presented many challenges. Through the projects we support and the initiatives we work on, we hope to help families facing similar challenges. We identify specific areas where we feel additional support for families is really needed, such as transport and equipment not provided by the NHS.




Thank you to the “Entertainer” for the fantastic donation of £1000.  The Entertainer raises funds for local charities through its… more

Lucid Issuer Services

A huge thank you to Lucid Issuer Services who have made a very generous contribution of £5000 to JHHHT.

Funding for home essentials

JHHHT is often asked to help families by purchasing home essentials – the items that families cannot live without.